Saturday, January 28, 2017

Entrepreneurs: Can I make it without business school?

Probably, but if you're at that age and you have the option, go. 

I wish I'd had the option. In my current line of work, my biggest weakness is my lack of ability to raise capital (Michael Forrest Jones' answer to Is there back and forth when you put company profile on AngelList or Gust? ). 

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But it's not just about me building hotels . . . I could have produced movies, built shopping centers, built sports arenas . . . but whatever great thing you want to achieve (even finding a cure for AIDS, or implementing a plan for making E-85 fuel mainstream in America and using sugar cane-based alcohol and decreasing our dependence on oil); if you don't have the money in your pocket, you have to get it financed. And you have to know how.  

Even if you didn't know how to carry out the AIDS research, or mix up the fuel, you can always find someone who does and bankroll the project. Business and finance can get you into everything else.

If I were putting a kid through school who wasn't sure what to do with his life (and who had no particular STEM talent), I'd encourage business school over liberal arts any day of the week.

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