Saturday, January 28, 2017

Can a hotel send guest information to the police without the guest's consent?

Laws can vary from state to state, but unless some state has a very odd privacy law, we're pretty free to share guest information with the police - all the more so if we tell the guest up front.
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Beechmont's privacy policy, in pertinent part: "We freely share any guest registration information with local, civilian law enforcement authorities upon their request for any bona-fide law enforcement purpose: generally, any public peace officer need only show us a badge and give us a name. (If they give us yours, and you are the sort of individual for whom that could be a problem, perhaps you should seek accommodations elsewhere. We do not welcome the criminal, drug or vice elements, whether local or traveling.) We share no other guest information with anyone outside the Beechmont organization without either a court order or by direction of a corporate officer (vice president or above). We keep our guest registration information on file for a minimum of one year."

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