Saturday, April 29, 2017

What happens to the half-used toilet paper roll left in a hotel room bathroom?

I've been the general manager of four different hotels of varying price and quality prior to forming my own company, and have never once had a housekeeper or room attendant come to me with an almost-used-up roll of toilet paper and a story that goes like, "this is all the toilet paper that was left on the roll in 207, it's not going to last the next guest even one trip to the toilet, much less an entire stay, so I put a new roll on: what do you want me to do with what's left of this one?"

Perhaps much of the reason why is . . . well, have you noticed the wall-mounted toilet paper dispenser in even the cheapest hotels?

Notice there's an unopened 'backup roll' in the recess behind the roll that's mounted on the roller. Guests in a room can use up the last of a roll, and there's another roll back there that they can move along to if they need more.

I'm sure a nearly-used-up roll would be changed by the room attendant rather than left for the guest to have to do, and I suspect these partial rolls end up on housekeeping carts for when a room attendant needs a tissue for an odd task.

Nearly everywhere I've ever worked where theft of supplies is a problem, toilet paper tops the list, and is usually the first thing you notice disappearing as theft of supplies first becomes a problem. (People just don't like to buy their own toilet paper. I guess they rationalize it's a low-value item - hey, just what is someone ultimately going to do with it? - and that we give it away, anyway, in the sense that we provide it for people to use freely and don't charge for it. They don't think of the fact that we have to pay for it ourselves.) But usually when it occurs, it's people helping themselves to a half dozen or so rolls (just one or two, I'd give 'em, if they at least had the decency to ask first), even cases. On the other hand, if an employee wants to steal a partial roll of toilet paper that has maybe a foot or two of paper left on it, have at it. I'd much rather they ask first before helping themselves to anything from the hotel, and may just growl at them a little if I catch them at it, but I don't inventory the individual sheets of tissue.

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