Saturday, April 29, 2017

Do hotels/maids prefer that I leave the room cleaned?

It's thoughtful -- and we really should be more grateful -- but believe it or not, it actually makes very little difference.

Of course, we'd rather have you as a guest than a rock band or someone throwing a wild party (or even just two or three nasty people, if they're really nasty people) that leaves the room completely trashed. But we allocate a half hour to clean a standard hotel room after a guest checks out, so we must figure the cost of that half hour into it; and that'll never change.

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Part of it is that 99.9999% of people will just not tidy up behind themselves enough so that we can ever, ever count upon a reduction in that. But ultimately, it's because we still have to strip the sheets and change the beds, vacuum, and go over all the surfaces - especially in the bath - with disinfectant cleaner, and those three tasks alone take up most of the time involved, no matter how you tidy up behind yourself.

By the time we can even start on those three tasks, we've gotten any other cleaning and tidying done that needs doing (and wiped out the efforts of a guest like yourself who went to the bother of tidying up after themselves), unless the room was in really bad shape - either trashed by people to whom I'm going to never rent a room there again, or has been 'lived in' for a couple months or more.

(Extended-stay guests, and even SRO's, are nice if you can get a good rate for them and your cost of having them stays below the daily rate you're getting; but any time a guests lives in a room for that much time, you can count on having to deep clean it when they finally do leave. It's something that needs doing every three months or so anyway; and if a guest was in it the last time it needed doing, well . . . it didn't get done last time.)

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