Monday, July 9, 2018

Should hotels be financially liable for damage caused by bed bugs?

Conceivably, they could be — if you can show that you didn’t bring them into the hotel yourself. And that's easier said than done.

Two misconceptions about bedbugs: people tend to associate them with nasty people with bad hygiene, and people tend to associate them with bad housekeeping. Both associations are fallacious. Bedbugs are no respector of hygiene. They feed on blood, not dirt.

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Even the Beverly Hills Hilton or the Fontainebleu get bedbugs. Any hotel can, if a guest brings them in. There’s nothing you can do if you get an infestation in a room except close the room down and treat it. (Right away. Before they spread to any other rooms, or you rent that room to another guest.)

How do they come in? On your baggage. I’m not suggesting you’re a nasty person if I suggest you could have brought them in yourself — you or I could bring bedbugs into a hotel, if they come in on our bags, if you checked your bags at the wrong baggage area at the wrong airport.

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Once you’ve been exposed, they’ll even get into your home.

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Hotels tend to get more than their share of blame for them because hotels tend to be the place where people first discover them, not necessarily because they were there to begin with. Housekeepers and room inspectors at a good hotel will know how to look for them when a room is made for the next guest.
When they are discovered (either via inspection or a guest complaint), the room is taken out of service for treatment forthwith, and we bring in the exterminator with the bedbug dog to check any nearby rooms . . .

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