Saturday, October 28, 2017

Why is tourism in Antarctica so expensive? Why don't they expand the tourist industry and decrease the prices?

Find me enough people who want to travel there and spend a few days to keep a 60-to-80 room hotel about 60 to 80% full on a daily basis at $1000–1500 per night (there'd be a lot of logistical factors to think about including snow removal, heat and electricity; none of which will be as attainable or as easy as it would be in a less desolate place with at least some infrastructure; before we even go there about vastly increased construction costs, so I'm not confident we could get the rates down even that low. . .); and perhaps we'll give a little more thought to putting a hotel there.

Until then, we're not making any big plans to go there for the same reason we don't want to build a hotel in Hell, or in some ISIS-controlled area of Syria, or in some small warlord-controlled town in Somalia or drug cartel-controlled village in Honduras, or in the middle of the Sahara Desert . . . because nobody wants to go there and there's no market for it.

Accordingly, anyone who does have a reason to go down there and spend a few days has to be able to bear the entire cost of what is required for them to stay (or survive) there . . .

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