Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hotels for sale: Red Lion Inn and Suites, Fayetteville NC

Property offering:

Listing broker: Paramount Lodging Advisors, via Ten-X

Red Lion Inn and Suites, Fayetteville – Paramount Lodging page
Red Lion Inn and Suites, Fayetteville – Ten-X page

This property is an early generation Hampton Inn exterior corridor prototype. Wherever you find one of these, the box is usually pretty well-built.

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Space in the double rooms can be a little tight: these rooms are double queens but were originally designed to accommodate only double-doubles: when I stay in Chapel Hill overnight, I stay at the Quality Inn there and have more than once stubbed a toe walking around in the middle of the night.

This Fayetteville property isn’t laid out in the U-shape featured in Chapel Hill (or the L-shape featured in Greenville, N. C.), but usually, extra care was taken when these properties were built to have them look sharp, be appropriately landscaped, and not show up as a cheap exterior corridor ‘motel’.

Property website and TripAdvisor reviews

TripAdvisor bubble score: 3.5.

Red Lion Inn and Suites, Fayetteville – Red Lion child site

Financial data available

Limited. Paramount may update their due diligence material on Ten-X, but it appears as though they uploaded the wrong P&L. The one that’s there is for a Holiday Inn in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The screwup turned out to be an opportunity of sorts. It forced us to rely upon figures from the STR report, and you can get a STR report from any number of places; so we convey no information in this assessment that is subject to a confidentiality agreement, and can share it around a bit more freely.

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