Monday, April 17, 2017

If I check into a hotel room, and something about the room is unacceptable, how do I proceed? (Say for example something about the cleanliness of the room: Dirty linens on the bed or dirty cups in the sink. Who do I contact? What is a polite way to let them know the room is not to standards and I need help getting it cleaned or changing rooms?)

Don't be shy about saying something. Housekeeping issues, dirty linens on the bed or dirty cups in the sink, are particularly unacceptable, and no decent hotel will expect you to endure that. If nothing else, they'll switch you to another room if you tell someone at the desk right away.

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Old linens should be replaced as needed, and if an older, cheaper hotel tries to get too many more uses out of them, they're going to look dirty even if freshly washed.

One problem I've frequently encountered in such properties back in the day is that a guest will complain that the sheets on the bed are dirty. That's a no-win situation for both the guest and the clerk. Back in my day, I could get you new sheets - but they're going to come out of the same laundry room from which the housekeepers got the 'dirty' ones that are now on your bed . . .

So, if you suspect that's the case, I'd find another hotel the next time you're in that town.

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