Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hotels for sale: Gold Rock Inn and Suites, Rocky Mount, N. C.

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Property offering

This property appears to be a late 1960’s era Ramada Inn prototype. We've seen copies.

The current owner is being chased out, perhaps by evil forces who wield some level of corrupting influence with the Nash County Commissioners and are out to steal his land from him, bulldoze his hotel, and build yet another I-95 truck stop . . . but much more likely by Nash County authorities who have had it up to here already with his management of the property and his clientele, the drugs, the prostitution, and the frequency of 911 calls, and are now commencing a public nuisance abatement proceeding against the property in the North Carolina courts.

Nonetheless, with a top to bottom renovation, we think it just might still have a future in front of it as a hotel. (Yes, a respectable and even quite desirable one, where you can check in with your wife and kids.)


Listing broker: David Combs, Century 21-The Combs Company, Rocky Mount, N. C.

TripAdvisor reviews: This property is such a run-down voodoo hellhole that it doesn't even show up on TripAdvisor, and that takes some doing.

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